About Us

 On occasion we are asked by perspective students about our background and how and where we started. To put things simply, students want to know more about us before they decide whether to select us as their distance learning provider.
 And who can blame them! 

 After many years of working within education and in particular the distance learning sector we understanding of exactly what students were looking for when embarking on their home study journey. After years of speaking and dealing direct with distance learning students it was soon established exactly what it was that students required. 

The main three factors were to offer the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime, offer true flexibility and to ensure any offering was affordable to the majority of students. After all there is no point in providing all of this if it was then unaffordable. These three factors soon became the morals and ethics of the whole company Opportunity - Flexibility - Affordability

Throughout the last few years our portfolio of courses has steadily grown and developed. Some of the most recognized qualifications from the most respected awarding bodies are available in a variety of subjects. Again quality courses leading to highly recognized qualifications both here in the Pakistan and indeed across the world. 

 Our full contact & company details can also be seen on our contact us page. Hopefully this gives students a better understanding of who we are and what our aim.